The Apple brand and marketing strategy: what can we learn from Steve Jobs and its brand?

By Millena Kapamann

Why does everyone peak on Apple goods? That is the question we tend to ask ourselves or marketers in general. Apple is a brand that differentiates itself in many ways. The brand has gone through notable periods of crisis. Thus, this situation helped the creators making new decisions, finding their brand identity and a target group. Through this article, you will discover the three majors marketing strategy for leading a business. Additionally, we will see which advises we can gain from Steve Jobs.

Nowadays, business owners still live under the stress of meeting their goals, mainly when a crisis occurs. They can face many challenges in strategies, and it can complicate the process when leading their business. Despite the great efforts made by companies, the set goals can be hard to reach.

Understanding the marketing mix approach is preferable to understand our weaknesses in the business. But, having a different method than Apple is not a problem. Other brands can have a different plan and still be thriving. Hence, by taking a few points of each brand, you can convert a variety into value.

Marketing strategy: the proactive approach to product development

This plan allows Apple to create visually appealing products, innovative settings and software. Moreover, the company also promotes a lifestyle built around trust in the technology; each application complements one another, thus creating a halo effect. Creating various services such as iBooks iCloud is great in individuality and, together, they drive high revenue for Apple. You should reject non-valuable wastes or unwanted qualities and add new traits to improve the user experience.

The premium pricing marketing strategy

Apple products are considerably costly when compared against equal products from competitors; this is due to the premium design and built quality. People swear that once you use an Apple product, you will not go for any other type of product. Naturally, with such a valuing reputation, Apple will demand premium pricing for all products. Nonetheless, selling premium quality products maintain a sense of status symbol and brand image.

The communication plan: think different

The slogan think different is a part of the Apple brand and, the message behind this sentence is clear. Indeed, it highlights a brand that desires revolution and wants to destroy the old structures. Thus, establishing a slogan can help with building your brand identity and make it memorable. Yet, it can be complicated to find a bold and eye-catching slogan. That can interrupt your building brand identity process; therefore, we recommend relying on another communication approach.

Steve jobs: a great figure on the market

Steve Jobs was an incredible inspiration in the field of technology. Without his perseverance and vision for Apple Computers and phones, the technology market may not be what it is today. Therefore, here are three points you can learn from him:

  • Everything starts with a product; it is the foundation. Vision it, build it, and focus on it to achieve the perfect version possible.
  • Set yourself apart from the rest. From the design through functionality, Apple is different from the rest and do things that other computer companies had never done before.
  • Perseverance is the keyword. The temptation to quit is highest; it is not the easiest thing to do otherwise: everyone would have owed a business.

I am convinced that about half of what separates successful entrepreneurs from non-successful ones is pure perseverance.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was always focused on building a perfect product and attempting to do what others thought it was impossible to do. He also had a real insight into what customers want.


To sum up, finding the perfect plan for your business may appear like an ideal dream. Yet, you do not require each of these tactics to build your business. Moreover, by solely being a good leader and dedicated to your work, you will attract a committed target group and clients. Thus, as a great boss, you will have the peace of mind of being a dedicated businessman.