Reintroducing the CISpace: a transformation of Concept To reality

By Millena Kapamann

A few moments ago, LSBC developed the concept of CISpace: Collaborative Intelligence Space. The main goal was to create a dynamic place, where people looking for a place to work could also meet each other. In an interview in 2019, we mentioned this concept. One year and a few analysis later, here are a few facts that you may have missed.

A little throwback: remembering the beginnings

A few interviews introduced the CISpace concept and goals, back in the times. To begin with, one of our first article about the initiators Iztok Petek and Anton Petek showed us that business owners were seeking an inspiring place. A place where they could be productive and emerge themselves in an inspiring atmosphere.

Additionally, according to an interview with Dnevnik, a daily newspaper located in northern Macedonian, the concept of CISpace came to life after the consideration of several issues regarding remote working. The conclusion drawn from that interview article was that: not everyone could handle working remotely on a daily basis or even accept a non-contact and non-socialization working style.

We can conclude by saying that the start of this co-working concept was a solution for those who are seeking an affordable place to work daily in groups and socializing. Choosing Berlin to develop this concept is because Berlin is the modern city where start-up atmosphere prevails.

The impact of CISpace and the vision of our customers & business partners

At CISpace, customers are always our priority. The majority of our target group are independent workers, who wish to end the isolation of “WFH”. Therefore, it’s essential for the CISpace team to create a space where people can work efficiently, socialize freely, and more.

What can you find at CISpace Café?

First of all, abundant choices of work desks and rooms for you to choose in line with different group sizes. The storefront area is 50 square meters, which supports an occupation capacity of 30 people. Furthermore, several technical systems are set up for the target groups. Customers can fully work on their business according to plans, without focusing on external equipment issues. In CISpace, you can find fast WI-FI, computers, and sounds systems, making sure the comfort of customers and work efficiency. Paperboards and projectors for presentations are also available for workshops and meeting groups.

What can you eat here?

A large variety of snacks & drinks and a combination of menus are available, such as top-quality tea or coffee, lunch gourmet, and express meals for a group. Sandwiches and healthy lunch options, such as salad boxes and Bibimbap, are also for your choice. Our menus are specially designed to attend to the diverse eating requirements of both carnivores and vegetarians/ vegans.

What about the price settings?

At CISpace café, we make great efforts to adjust our prices in a reasonable range. One of our goals regarding the price is to provide affordable room renting prices and lunch prices.

According to our customers’ honest reviews, the price settings are accommodating and the cost performance is high.

Now, we finally had a little recap of our CISpace concept. To sum up, at CISpace we consider our customers as our priority and we value their suggestions very much. Therefore, we regularly update customer reviews and CISpace related news on our official webpage and our social media pages. If you want to have a glance at the space for work and an enjoyable time, make a reservation at

Address: Moabit |Bugenhagenstraße 9 |10551 Berlin.