The Impacts of Marketing Strategy Impacts on Consumer Behavior

by Ceren Gökhan

As a business owner, you can probably see the effects of the strategies you use on consumers. But have you ever thought about how these strategies work? On the other hand, as a consumer, have you thought about how the strategies used by businesses affect your consumption? Let’s take a look at how advertising, one of the most important steps of marketing strategies, affects consumers!

Consumer behavior refers to the behavior exhibited by consumers in searching, purchasing, using and evaluating products or services that they expect to meet their needs. Ads that are memorable and highly persuasive to the audience will positively affect consumer behavior. In the rest of this article, you will learn the basic strategies used in advertisements to influence consumers.

Knowing the Target Audience

It is common knowledge that the better the businesses know and identify their target audiences in advertising, as in many other subjects, the more successful their marketing strategies are. For example, knowing what the customer needs, what they are affected by and their expectations increases the effectiveness of the advertisement. Many factors such as geography, culture, and age groups play an important role in determining the needs of the target customer audience. For this reason, detailed research is one of the main steps of good businesses in this process.

Using Marketing Trends in Favor

Ads should be innovative and creative. According to research, it has been determined that the humorous ads that are compatible with the period attract customers more and make them feel the need to buy. For instance, using a recently famous artist, song or joke is impressive for consumers to be familiar with. Of course, as we just mentioned, knowing the target audience well plays an important role in determining all this familiarity correctly.

Using Customer Reviews

Using ordinary people who have used the promoted product before and are satisfied is also a very common strategy. In this way, businesses gain the trust of potential customers. We can say that the advertisement has reached its full purpose, especially if it establishes a connection between the person they see in the advertisement and themself.

Expressing Emotions in a Reasonable Way

As you can imagine, our emotions are perhaps our most sensitive and easily affected feature. However, the use of emotions in advertisements should be within reason. It aims to affect the consumer correctly and create a certain emotional reaction. This reaction does not always have to be positive like excitement or happiness. Sometimes ads can persuade customers by presenting the problems they may encounter if they do not receive the advertised service.

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