The Importance of Teamwork.

By Abdul Rahman Mohammed

How good can a team be? seriously, How powerful is teamwork? great teamwork, I mean to really ask that question. Who defines the limit of Teamwork? and what if we were to push that edge.

         We have to stop to think about the limits that are already set by previous generations and realize that every team that accomplished the untouchable, every team that got out there, every team that had done what would have never been done before.

They all had to breakthrough, they ought to understand that there was this edge. They had to challenge the edge to break through that invisible line. The group of incredibly talented people bumping up against each other, having arguments, having fights, sometimes making some noise, and working together. They polish each other and they polish the ideas and what comes out are these incredible organizations and teams.

Challenging your Fears.

There’s no other way to get through other than challenging your fears. Because, in order for teamwork to be at its highest potential, everyone’s got to have something on the line. You have to, otherwise, you’re only partway in, at the end of the day you’re going to need to trust those around you.

Great teams are not about individuals melting into the team. That’s the mistake people hear about the power of teamwork and they think it’s about losing yourself to the singular goal. They think it’s about fully giving in to something bigger than you. Great teammates they don’t lose themselves they stand up they say I’m here they choose to be in and they choose to play their unique part. That’s how it works.

What’s the breakthrough? what did those Successful teams do to unlock the full power of teamwork? The hard part is you can’t see the edge. You actually don’t know where it is until you cross over and look back and see where it was.

Celebrate the breakthroughs but never get satisfied with them.

It’s always easier to catch up than it is to raise the bar, for Example, APPLE, they were operating in this abyss, they were out there in this vast unknown territory. So, instead of breaking through, instead of seeing the line, you have to forget the line. It’s just another limit.

When you are out in this unmapped territory you have to forget the line and should try to reach the impossible. The power of teamwork comes from a belief, it comes from a mindset.

we can’t get satisfied by the breakthroughs. we should celebrate them but we can’t be satisfied by the limits.

That is something that should humble us the most about great teams. The power of teamwork is almost like you’ve got to operate in the darkness knowing you’re lighting the path for everyone else and still heading out while they’re still pushing that edge that’s how to unlock the power of Teamwork.