The Importance of Time Management

By Maria Alhais

Whether if you’re a student or if you’re already working, the importance of time management is very much needed. The importance it holds will not only reflect on your organization and the reduction of stress but also in benefiting your mental health.

It’s important to have strong time management. Without it, your work and your well-being can suffer.

I know everyone already had one of those days in which we feel that 24 hours isn’t enough. However, if we look back on time, I’m sure you can all reminisce times when you could have taken the opportunity to be productive. And you didn’t. The importance of time management is a topic that every employee should be aware of.

It’s hard when you feel swamped by work overload. Eitheir you try to do everything and as a result you have poorly quality work, or else you just end up missing deadlines. Remember that you are not a machine and you need to rest as well. It’s important to have a balanced work-life relation.

So how can we improve our time management skills?

Create goals

Plan what you want to achieve today. Create some goals that will help you be productive. For example: for the next 2 hours I’ll work on my project.

Establish routines

Creating and following routines usually work for most people. It will get your mind set for what you need to do, at that specific time. You get right down to business if you know how is your day planned.

Don’t multitask

Although many people believe multitasking can help getting the job done while doing many things at the same time, in reality it’s not that good. It decreases your productivity once you’re not focused in one single thing. To get the job done, pay attention to what you’re doing.

Eliminate distractions

Distractions can come in many forms. To upgrade your time management skills, you must be aware that distractions may arise. Make sure that the type of music you listen to doesn’t distract you. Set your phone to ”Don’t disturb mode”.

Aside from these tips, the motivation comes from you. You have to want to manage your time better.