The Luxembourg Start-Up Scene

By Imane Mdarhri and Steph Tendero

Starting a business can be adventurous and full of risks. Yet, in a tiny country, the experience can be exciting due to the facilities and the richness of the Luxembourgish business market and the diversity of its startup scenario. Discover The Luxembourg Start-Up Scene and start planning your journey.

In fact, Luxembourg is a country of diversity and potentials. With 47% of foreigners, the country hosts multilingual as well as multicultural young talents from all over the world. In addition to the steady growth of the number of startups, there is an interesting private and public collaboration in the form of support-programs or incubators like, ‘The house of startups’, ‘University of Luxembourg’, ‘House of entrepreneurship’, and ‘Technoport’. Also, there are acceleration initiatives and events, such as ‘Fit4Start’ and ‘StartupLuxembourg’ as well as practical guides.   All in all, the Grand Duchy essentially is a fertile land to grow your innovative ideas, to develop concepts as well as to test new services and products.  In short, it can make your dream come true.

In this regard, we provide you with the main sectors that showcase The Luxembourg Start-Up Scenario as one of the most attractive business markets in the EU. This also answers your big question; why should I invest in Luxembourg.


The car industry in Luxembourg has become a successful and innovative sector due to the geographical location of the country. Also, the investment support programs offered by the public and the private institutions have become quite popular. With over 300 automotive companies, this industry creates almost 200,000 highly qualified job opportunities. A remarkable, extended impact of these innovative projects, both socially and economically. As the recent global trend is directed toward smart vehicles and autonomous driving, Luxembourg, in partnership with France and Germany offers access to 215 Km of public motorways for pre-commercial trialing. Through, it supports clean transportation and offers modalities for the purchase of electric cars. Hence, encouraging innovative mobility solutions is one of the top priorities of the county.

Information and Communication Technology

According to, Luxembourg has the world’s 5th fastest internet. Such infrastructure and premium networks can not only develop a culture of trust for investors but also offer motivation for business owners or young professionals to launch their projects easily. The ICT sector is strongly supported by the government. A program called “The Digital Lëtzebuerg” has been introduced in 2014 as a boost of innovation, creativity, and high dimension projects. From Fintech to Big Data and Cloud technologies, the sector attracts experts, professionals, and students alike to share the benefit of the unlimited connections of technology in all fields. ICT is thus the future vector of economic development in Luxembourg.

The Luxembourg Start-Up Scene In-text

Luxembourg takes finance as a priority owing to the increasing number of investments and the regular need for capital. The main strategy during the last 20 years has been based on diversity. This means encouraging diversify sectors or activities simultaneously. For example, E-commerce, Crypto-currency, E-banking, and other Fintech projects. The approach can engage the country’s capital at a high rate, as well as the growth. Moreover, the political, economic, and social stability reflect the strength of the financial politics, which is based on long-term goals. Besides, low public debt reveals steadiness for current and future investors.

Health technologies

Health has always been a promising sector. From Pharmaceutical science, surgeries, and Fintech to scientific research, this sector has one of the major impacts on society. It encourages young professionals to invent smart solutions and to study in different subfields. Referring to the ministry of economics, “This relatively young sector has experienced strong development over the past few years”. Furthermore,” The government’s firm commitment to establishing Luxembourg as an attractive destination for health sciences research and innovation is backed by substantial public investment and a supportive business environment”. The startup scenario in health has been solid and the proof can be seen well in this time of crisis.


Due to its geographical position, in the heart of Europe, near to the Asian and African markets, Luxembourg is able to manage a cross-border network on import-export exchange.  The country established itself as the hub of logistics. Via innovative solutions like Green logistics, new supply-chain solutions as well as big railways and waterways, it creates connections with the biggest ports such as Rotterdam and Zeebrugge. Luxembourg has constantly strengthened its position as an intercontinental logistics hub in Europe.


The ambition of this small EU country has reached the stars after collaborating with the leaders in space technology. Through the initiative, active since 2016, the government has been ensuring regulations as well as the business environment for this private sector. It mainly focuses on startups, to explore this innovative sector. Luxembourg was one of the first EU countries to adopt a legal framework for space discoveries property rights.  It is an interesting step toward hosting the biggest space discoveries in the future.

In short, Luxembourg represents the gateway of the European market and a welcoming host for the international ones.