The Thin Line Between Work and Home Life

By Maria Alhais

We have all thought about our work duties at home. Some of us can distinguish our working hours from our personal lives’ hours, some of us can’t. Let’s talk about the thin line between work and home life.

We are all guilty of thinking about work at home. Some people even take work home. Sometimes it’s not easy to draw the line. We carry many duties with us. We get home and we think about what we need to do tomorrow at work. There are people that found it easy to disconnect from the working life as soon as they got home.

However, a problem arose:

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, most of us started working at home. And it tends to get worse balancing the thin line between work and home life. Suddenly our office was our living room. Due to this, there are two possible outcomes: either we get swamped on work and we start working extra hours because we lost track of time, or we lack the motivation to work and start procrastinating often.

So how can we balance the thin line between work and home life?

Because the workday no longer ends for so many of us between 5 PM and 9 AM Monday through Friday or on Saturdays and Sundays, we need to establish some mind rules to help us balancing this fine line.

Follow your schedule as if you were working at the office

If you’re working at home, make sure to strickly follow your schedule as if you were at your office. This will help your brain understand that your work ends just as if you were at your office.

Set a bedtime for your phone to help balance the thin line between work and home life

Program your phone to don’t disturb you let’s say between 7 pm and 7 am. As soon as it’s 7 pm , your phone will enter on ”don’t disturb” mode and you are not allowed to check your email inbox or worry about your work chores.

Spend time with your family. Work is work, but your home life is important as well!

Life is not just about that promotion you can get from work. Life is all about what you do with it. Your family is not your second plan. Let them be there for you if you need them. Don’t push them aside just because you want to end that deadline. Make the most of your life, in every way.