Time Management: 5 Effective Tips to Manage Time

By Hayriye Simay Tunçkılıç

We live in times of consumption, everything happens fast and we consume everything rapidly. However, what we consume the most is our TIME. We have lots of responsibilities and not fulfilling them will cause some problems. The truth is, we need to produce out of consumption, and time management gets in the way!

“Take care of the minutes and the hours will take care of themselves.”

Lord Chesterfield

This is my kind of quote that I can fall in love with and it tells so much! What does it say actually? Well, I mentioned that we consume many things, including time. You cannot make the time come back and we need to use it wisely.

We might find ourselves unproductive and feel like doing nothing at the very end of the day. You might also have fusses, increasing responsibilities, and you might even sense that you are pressed for time. Take a deep breath, it is all fine! I will show 5 tips for you to manage your time effectively, enjoy! 🙂

1) Make a “To-Do-List”

This is the first and key step to manage time. Please write down the things you will do when you wake up. Making a list is a key point for effectiveness and if you prioritise your daily things on a list, you will not forget them. Besides, you will get rid of questioning yourself regarding your daily plans.

Listing is everything, just prioritize your daily duties, plan it, and start doing it! You can use any methods that you would like, no pressure!

2) Keep Agenda

Speaking of writing down your duties, where you write them down is not really a big deal! A notebook, little daybooks, and even an application installed on your phone would always be handy for effective time usage.

Moreover, if you note every step that you will take in advance, you will not only put the risk of forgetting them away but will also fulfil the deeds in order. Therefore, taking notes is everything for you to manage time, note often. Every one of the notes you take will make you relieved and they will even release your mind from stress. Indeed, you will think less about your plans, stop asking yourself “What Will I Do Today?” questions, and become more productive!

3) Avoid Distractions

Visual order means the establishment of mental order; mental tranquility also stands for the increase in motivation! Messy table, chaotic agenda, untidy documents, and disorganised folders on your computer… They will all result in wastage of time and will prevent you from finish your work.

There is more to that. The mess around you will make you overestimate the things you will be doing, and eventually exhaust you before starting to actually do it. Hence, it is very crucial to dismiss notifications, unnecessary e-mails, and remove chaotic folders prior to begin doing the deeds you have planned. Now get up and end the chaos, save your time!

4) Do Not Aim More Than You Can Do

Pushing limits and being able to use our capacity to its fullest is surely fairly significant, however, not making our aims real will decrease the motivation, distract you, and eventually will lead you to waste time.

In that context, please do not occupy your mind with what you could not do, but instead what you have aimed and achieved so far. I was experiencing this as well, and thinking about my aims and failures. In the end, I have realised that it exhausted me and took my motivation away. I was basically feeling unproductive at heart, but this was not the case.

At this moment, try focusing on what you can actually do. Aiming for the sky is so much appreciated, but everything has its time. Let yourself set smaller goals and nail them! You will take yourself higher and meanwhile, you will feel productive because you have already used your time at its best!

5) Take Time for Yourself

This is the last and the finest tips that I can ever give! Take some time for yourself, do not get stuck between school/work and home. Only two places should not define your life, it’s not sustainable anyway…

Thus, it is fairly vital to set the balance between work/school and your hobbies. Please do not devote your life to only one side, there are many things to be discovered outside, listen to your heart. Hobbies will boost your morale, motivate you, and make you realise your worth.

Along with your hobbies, you should also make time for your family, beloved friends, and your significant other 🙂 They can reduce your stress, amplify your inner peace, and most importantly, they will make your feel that you are something! It will make you more productive!


This week, I gave you some tips on time management. Yes, we consume every single thing very fast, time is also included. Yet, time is such a precious thing that we should not dare waste it. Instead, investing in ourselves is a much better choice.

Basically, all we need to do is prioritize our steps and act on it. Using the time effectively is not easy at all, especially in this century. However, planning, writing, setting smaller aims for the day, and avoiding distractions will help you tremendously!

Devoting your time for your school or work deserves a standing ovation, but productivity also means taking some time for yourself and your beloved ones. Do not neglect yourself and them, balance your life and everything will just be in order.

As I am saying goodbye, I will finish the article with a quote that made me think so much. Hope you like it and think about the meaning of time in life!

“It’s not enough to be busy, so are the ants. The question is, what are we busy about?”

Henry David Thoreau

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