Top 3 Skills to Learn Immediately.

By Millena Kapamann

If your goal is to gain insight into the most valuable skills to have in business, you fall in the right place. Of course, there are plenty of skills that are also important but considering the general situation of the world, selling and generating revenue are the central goals of many companies. Thus, here is a small guide to learn about our Top 3 Skills in a short time and in a most efficient way.

The art of Copywriting:

Copywriting refers to the precise words businesses and marketers use to sell something, such as a product or a service.
In the business industry, copywriting is also considered one of the most powerful; and valuable skills to learn and apply at the workplace.
Mainly if you work in the sales industry, your audience or target group is waiting for you to sell a product efficiently. Thus, correctly choosing your words is extremely important to convince your audience to buy something.
A lot of resources exists online to learn how to do so. Additionally, here is one more free online resource that will help you to get more insights.

Coding is also a part of our Top 3 skills:

A long time ago, coding was considered an activity for geeks. It also almost had a negative connotation. However, today it becomes an important skill to learn, especially in business matters and digitalization. Most of the time, business owners value the employee that has programming skills.
Some jobs such as: being a web developer, a software developer or even a database administrator require strong coding skills. Learning to code will also help you to improve your logical and problem-solving skills. Additionally, most of the time, it allows you to work from anywhere.
Anyone can learn Coding related skills. Since business owners strongly require coding skills in the industry, then maybe you should consider coding? Here are three free online websites to learn how to code.

FreeCodeCamp / w3schools / Codecademy

Digital marketing related skills:

Digital marketing is no longer a specialization or a hard-to-get skill. It became such a primary and globalized skill that now anyone could learn it by accessing online courses.

However, even if it is a crucial factor in the business industry, not everyone knows how to apply it efficiently.
Also, digital marketing is such a broad topic; we can’t learn everything at one time. Thus, it will be great to start with fundamentals hacks such as implementing creativity in contents.

People prefer email and messages that will stimulate their mind. For instance, visual images with colours receive higher interest from the target group; it just seems more appealing. Here, iconography is essential. Thus, we wanted to propose online courses to learn more about digital marketing.

SEMRUSH Academy / Google Skillshop / Facebook Blueprint

Bonus: the online application Canvas is helpful for colourful designs in general.