Virtual Roundtable: “Never waste a good crisis”

Doing business after Corona

LSBC in collaboration with SDBP, welcome all contributors to the economic sector, to join our Virtual Roundtable: Virtual Roundtable: “Never waste a good crisis” (Winston Churchill) – Doing business after Corona.

The current economic situation obliges us to intervene as partners to investigate and analyze the possible future of the business sector after Corona. Additionally, working together is one of the keys to future managerial strategies. Accordingly, this event will host experts and specialists, who will try and give us a clear vision of the current and future business market.  

Moreover, this event will encourage discussions with other specialists about how to see the Post-Corona as an opportunity for emerging new business ideas and inspire business partnerships.

Doing Business after Corona will an oportunity to never waste a good crisis.
The following topics will be addressed:
  • Current challenges and lessons learned from Corona Epidemic
  • The role of digitalization in doing business “After-Corona”
  • Possible solutions and partnerships to overcome the financial crisis
  • New investments and new opportunities
  • Sustainability, green economy
  • Offshore manufacturing: Difficulties and challenges

This event is about taking post-corona as a chance to never waste good opportunities because our goals are based on sustainable development. However, our main objectives involves working with our partners and supporting their activities. Furthermore, The values of LSBC are strongly bond with diversity, teamwork, and support, to enrich the world of business, and to keep the business market in continuous growth. Basically, Collaboration to not waste a good crisis.

The event will be held on 18 June2020, from 10 – 11:30 AM CET.

Our guest speakers are:

  • Mr. Jernej Pintar, CEO & Head of Tech Community at Technology park, Slovenia,
  • Mr. Roland Streber, CEO of company ProNewTech, Luxembourg,
  • Ms. Maja Mikek, Co-Founder and CFO of Celtra, USA & Slovenia,
  • Mr. Marco De Jong, Co-Founder, and CEO at Experience Data, Netherlands.

Our moderator will be Ms.Tina Drolec Sladojević, SDBP executive board member.

Please use the following link to join the event: 

Certainly, for more information about LSBC or our collaborator SDBP, Please visit us. Also, if you have some concerns or further questions, please contact us.

No registration fee is required.

So, We are looking forward to welcome you on our platform.