Volunteering: the benefits of doing it

Have you ever thought about helping some associations in your city or packing all his stuff and volunteering abroad? Here it is why you should start now to do that!

Of course, working without receiving a pay may sound not so appealing but we are sure that volunteering is a great choice, both in case you remain in your city and volunteer in a shelter or leave for going abroad. Besides, the desire of helping others and adventuring lies in our human blood and that is the reason why we sometimes feel like trying out something new. So, why not take into consideration volunteering at least once in your lifetime? Here some reasons why you should think about it.

You do your part in creating a better world

Volunteer aims mainly to help people who may have fewer comforts than you. You may support some rural zones in another country, playing with children in an orphanage in your hometown or aiding a non-profit organization. In all cases, being involved in this type of work can let you testify some hard situations. This can let you realize how much you are lucky to have what you have. 

How often have you complained about your strict parents? Well, some orphan children would be more than happy to be in your shoes. Sometimes the best thing you can do is stop complaining and contribute to making their lives a little bit simpler.

You create a network for your future and advance your CV

Working as a volunteer, even for just some hours per week, can be a perfect option to get to know more people and make new friends. Maybe you don’t have many of them or you are new in town. Thus, this is a great experience for your curriculum vitae and your life. 

Plus, if you are still a student and don’t have much job experience, it shows that you have values you believe in, that you can work in a team, and towards a project, and that you are eager to do your part in our world.

You develop new skills and competencies 

If you work in a team as it happens in most cases of volunteering, you have the chance to learn from the experiences of your team members and you share yours. In this way, you will acquire new knowledge, that will be useful in your future.

You widen your horizons

Trying something new requires you to exit your comfort zone. You are in another situation, different from where you were used to be. This new spot can be a key factor to broaden your horizons and to let you see the world from a different perspective.

You become stronger and discover yourself

In case you are going to volunteer abroad, you are going to experience a big challenge! It can be hard and sometimes you may miss your safe bed and old life. That is normal. Everyone who volunteered felt like that. Yet, those emotional sensations can be used in two ways: either you just cry, or you accept those feelings and act.

The moment when you accept them, you become stronger. If you want to learn something from feeling down, you need also to welcome those feelings in our lives and understand that they can happen sometimes – and this is okay! Thanks to this, you will grow up and reinforce your attitudes. As well, during difficult moments you have the chance to discover that you are stronger than you ever thought, and that you can do more than you ever imagined.

You learn a new language

If you are volunteering abroad, you have an opportunity to study a new language or improve one. Maybe you don’t have many chances in your country to speak English but traveling to another land and working there as a volunteer can reveal itself a great chance to do so. Also, why not trying and learn the local language?

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s be a volunteer!

By Silvia SALA