Where do Business Ideas come from?

By Alua Kassymbekova

Probably all of us have watched movies and read interviews of famous millionaires that made us think — how did they come up with their business ideas, so good and at the same time profitable? Well, there are several ways to start a business.

Idea Generator

Indeed, lucky are those who are natural at generating ideas. But not everyone can run a company. Therefore, many of those people earn money by selling their business ideas. If you are one of these generators and your mornings begins by writing down thoughts and ideas, even though you do not want to create a company, you can always successfully sell these ideas to others. Edwin Land is one of the most famous idea generators, who was considered a visionary and was the president of the Polaroid company .

Improved idea

If the business ideas don’t come out of a cornucopia, you may be the one who always sees how to improve what you already have! You can carefully study what is happening in the existing market and find something that can be done better. You don’t always have to reinvent the wheel. As an example, we can mention the takeaway coffee and stickers.

Ready-made base

If there is no idea for something new, or inspiration to improve existing ones, then there is an opportunity to use a ready-made business. This is known as franchisee. The foundation will already be there, it will only be necessary to successfully build your palace. You will become an independent merchant who will enter into a contract with the owner of the trademark on the so-called business lease. You will sell the relevant product or service according to clearly formulated and already proven business rules. Those who travel a lot perfectly know the Starbucks cafe chain!

Legacy Business

It may so happen that a business idea has been right in front of your nose since you were born. By continuing one’s grandfather’s craft, developing one’s father’s business together, shoulder to shoulder – one can inherit and continue the business from generation to generation, creating a dynasty. According to some research, in thousands of companies, owners and managers are related.

The main thing is to start

Walt Elias Disney said, “I hope we don’t forget that it all started with one mouse”. If you have an idea that does not give rest, then it makes sense to develop it. As the well-known saying goes— you only need to dig!