Why Entrepreneurship in Luxembourg

By Imane Mdarhri

Recently, the world has lived complicated periods summarized under the word “Change”. In order to survive, you will need to adjust your future according to the new “normality”. Entrepreneurship in Luxembourg can be a good start.

The word Entrepreneurship defined by the well-known ‘father of modern management’ as «Change» and describes an entrepreneur as «Change» and defines an entrepreneur as “someone who always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity”.

Others outline entrepreneurship as a risk-taking to gain a profit and entrepreneur as a business owner. However, the term could support simple synonyms like “Innovation”, “Creativity” or “development”. This means, that anyone in his daily life can be an entrepreneur. For example, a student, who works hard to develop his level and achieve success; a mother who always creates new ways to take care and play with her child. Also, a teacher creating methods and content to transmit the lesson efficiently. So entrepreneurship is not only material for profits but also a state of mind. It is a lifestyle.

Luxembourg in the world of business is one of the biggest markets in the world. As an ambitious individual who wishes to realize your ideas into a business, you have already started thinking about challenges and plans to make it real. Business plans, finance, office, and networking are some of the essential issues that you need to deal with seriously.

The good news is that The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), the world’s foremost study on entrepreneurship, indicates that the number of entrepreneurs in Luxembourg (9.3%) surpassed the EU average (8.3%)’. A country with just 1-hour flight from the biggest capitals in Europe showed that the sense of challenge can win.

An Affordable Business Environment

So, why Entrepreneurship in Luxembourg? It is a big question for a future entrepreneur. But the answer is quite clear with all the programs, like Fit4Start and Fit4Entrepreneurship. Offering services as finance, coaching, and fellowship, those programs represent a huge opportunity and a life-changing chance to start building your dream project professionally.

A Diverse Business Network

Luxembourg welcomes an important number of nationalities, either residents or tourists. Also, it offers an extended environment to stakeholders and NGOs like LSBC. Here they can collaborate with high potential young entrepreneurs or start-ups. It gives them a suitable accompaniment in all the business sectors. Likewise, it presents them a professional platform to facilitate access to support and advice. A multicultural environment and diversity can become your key to get your business idea into an upper-level.

A Future toward the International Market

Luxembourg is a central business country in Europe. For an entrepreneur, being open to new opportunities and new markets is essential to guarantee a positive continuity of the project. The geographical position of the country offers high potential chances to direct your investments towards other countries or even continents. European-Eastern countries or Western-Asian ones are open markets to innovation and investment.

After all those motivations, the crucial motivation about investing as an entrepreneur in Luxembourg is that this country is also called “The Taxes Heaven”. So, what are you waiting for?