Why Investing in Germany makes sense?

By Imane Mdarhri

Nowadays, investing is about finding equity between building a profitable business and maintaining human values. Germany does well in this area, and has turned around the tide and surpassed the stereotypes – from a country known for its unappealing past of antagonism to a land of peaceful coexistence. So, for businesses, why is investing in Germany a sensible option?

Due to its geographical location and political misfortune, the country has experienced a long history of struggles, not just culturally but also economic and social problems. However, in the last few decades, Germany has started to re-orientate its politics toward values that showcases openness, fairness, and global cooperation. This was initiated by strategically promoting innovation and business development.

Developing a business or investing in a capitalist market has always been a challenge, either for institutions or individuals. But Germany adopted tactical approach for investors to thrive. In addition to building a solid basis to attract investors, young professionals, and even students, urging them through incentives to opt for Germany as their headquarters.

Germany has a strong economy

With a GDP of $3.86 trillion, Germany is classified as the fourth strongest economy in the world. As well as the largest in Europe. The strength of its economy is exportation, with 46.1% of the national output; far more than the 28.6% average for all countries. Accordingly, exporting in sectors like manufacturing, technology, automotive, chemical industry, plus environment-friendly equipment, make the “Made In Germany” a slogan of high quality – and also a symbol of distinction and excellence.

Germany is rich and encourages you to become one

Besides natural resources like natural gas and uranium, Germany has a rich, diverse population with a high-quality level of education and experts in many fields. 

Presently, when digitalization and demographical changes are happening at a sweeping pace, likewise it is important to be swift with decision-making strategies. Countries, including Germany, started reorienting their investments toward the internal market rather than spending resources in a foreign state. This strategy is called the “social market economy”. Specifically, it is a system that considers citizens’ social circumstances like age, social class, or educational level as the basis of an efficient strategy to improve the overall economic performance. Furthermore, it is a policy that gives individuals the leeway to find their path and make contributions to national development. Such policy motivates young entrepreneurs, investors, to take step and start their own business in Germany. Hence, why investing in Germany makes sense because it opens the doors to everyone to pursue their dreams and achieve it.

The country encourages your unique business ideas

As the 27th position of the freest economies in the 2020 Index, Germany is an open market for investment and business innovation. Manufacturing, technology, automotive, chemical industry are the strongest sectors in terms of exportation. For a future investor in Germany, aligning with those industries would guarantee successful returns, especially in the international market. In addition, the European membership of Germany gives an added value. Since it will increase the chances to find collaborations and experts’ communities.

Germany hosts the leaders and supports your brand to join them

Daimler, Volkswagen, Bosh, BMW, and others are surveyed as the representative of Germany in the worldwide market. The automobile industry’s dominance is palpable. The success of these brands is essentially about the nature of the German marketplace. It can affect positively the social life and economy of the country. In general, Germany offers a high level of property rights, a unified tax code, and a friendly business environment. Also, there are more than 500 co-working spaces in the country, easy procedures, and public agencies to seek expert advice regarding legal, accounting, and tax matters. Germany opens and welcome investment into its economy. Attempts are constantly being made to make business operations smooth, with less complication.

So, is it worth investing in Germany? It is a definite yes. Investment is all about a suitable business environment and a high-spirited challenge. Hence, Germany has been offering all these since the era of the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche.

“What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.”

Friedrich Nietzsche, 1889