Working after the COVID-19 Pandemic: what is going to change?

How will it be working after the COVID-19 Pandemic? Will be there enough roles for everyone who may have lost their positions due to this crisis? Let’s express what we speculate it can happen.

In the last months, our world has been facing a health crisis. It has affected everyone regardless of the different countries you’re living in. Now, the primary goal is to stop this virus and save as many lives as possible. And meanwhile, we are all at home waiting for good news, we are also wondering what will be with our jobs after all this. The effects of this strict, but necessary, measures, will soon show themselves and we will have to face them. Will we ever go back to our offices? And if we go back to our jobs, how will be working after the COVID-19?

More remote opportunities

This is the most common post-virus situation we imagine for our future. After this global lockdown we believe, and hope, that companies will realize how important is to allow employees to work from home. We have already illustrated why choosing remote work can benefit your business. We strongly believe that every organization will take it more into consideration in the future. 

Fewer business travels

How many of you must travel often for reaching a meeting or participate in a corporate event? Indeed, a lot of you. However, we presume that firms will soon start to utilize more platforms like Skype, Zoom or Microsoft Teams for their meetings. Therefore, they will switch from face-to-face interactions to virtual and online ones. 

These new tools will also feature some benefits for the companies. They will mean no expense for work travels, faster communications, and more frequent meetings.

Fewer jobs

Following this crisis, it will be inevitable that many corporations will as well face an economic crisis. Various of them will have to declare bankrupt and others will have to find a solution. It will be unavoidable to fire some employees and to limit new hires. Probably, it will be decided to focus on strengthening the workforce that organizations have already in-house.

More automatization at work

This is referred especially to those businesses like restaurants, shops and groceries, those ones who have contacts with customers constantly. It is our belief that they will start to think about a solution for the future. For sure, they will want to be ready in case of another health crisis. 

A possible choice will be to hire fewer human beings. Besides, they could start to adopt more automatized machines, like the self-checkouts are already present in some big supermarkets. Likewise, restaurants, banks, stores and other professionals could switch to the use of those machines and substitute the human workforce.  

Do you agree with those scenarios? How do you think it will be Working after the COVID-19 Pandemic?

By Silvia SALA