Working with Dreams: Myrto Delkou

After our first interview with one of our Former Interns, today is the time to introduce you to another one: Myrto. She was a Social Media & Content Writer Intern at LSBC. With her, we talked about her experience with our NGO, her recent job, and her plans for the future. Let’s read it together!

What did you study at the university and what is your current job position?

I have a degree in Journalism and Mass Media Communication. My thesis was about European Mass Media and their role in shaping a European identity.

Currently, I am working at Teleperformance as Social Media Support for one of our clients in the creative industry.

How was your experience with LSBC? What was your role?

I was a Social Media and Content Writer Intern at LSBC. I remember it was a great period. Flexible hours were one of the best aspects of LSBC.

During my internship, I worked principally with FB, but also with Instagram and WordPress. I planned posts, wrote interesting captions and articles for the website, and took care of the general aspect of our SM channels. Thanks to the flexible timetable, I had plenty of time to travel and work at the same time. To manage all my meetings, I would work one-day full time to prepare all materials for SM and maybe had two days off the rest of the week. This way of working helped me to learn to be productive, responsible for my tasks, and manage my plans in a better way.

It was similar to when you are a kid and your parents keep telling you “do your homework now and you can play later”. At LSBC we knew that we had to work hard first and do our hobbies later.

What did you learn during your internship at LSBC that boosted your career?

The most important lesson learned at LSBC was about how to approach your audience when working with small and NGO companies.

Before this internship, I had already experienced working as SM Manager but my previous targets were different. At LSBC I had to direct my messages to small and international environments and learn how to engage with them.

I had no problems at LSBC, since all team was always helpful and ready to cooperate. I suggest to future interns to take advantage of this. Here it is up to you what you want to improve and become in your future. You are the only responsible for your decisions and you don’t have to be afraid of taking initiative.

Do you like the environment of your current job?

Yes indeed. I like my team. We have a nice group. Some of the colleagues are older, some younger and that makes a winning mix of personalities.

How is a typical day working at Teleperformance? Main tasks?

We have shifts of 8 hours. My main tasks involve reading all the messages left by our clients on Social Media channels and manage them. I look at what they’re talking about, their feedbacks about our services, and if they have some suggestions for us. Sometimes you have the chance of chatting with your colleagues, show them a funny post or message you have just seen.

During the latest period, most people were obliged to do quarantine. How did you manage to work? Did something change for you and your team?

We were given all the equipment from working from home, which is helpful. But something changed. Now we have phone/video calls with our referents and colleagues. For me, it is a lot easier and funnier to communicate with people face-to-face and not online.

However, I see also good points of working at home. For instance, you can get up at 9.40 and start your shift at 10. This is incredible!

What are your plans for your future?

Since I have always been interested in Journalism and Europe, I am hoping to get the chance to live in Brussels and work there, where every important decision happens. I applied to a master’s in Journalism and European Media and hope to enter it.

Thank you Myrto for this interview, you have been a great guest and we wish you all the luck to achieve your dreams!

By Silvia SALA