Workplace Behaviors: What is Appropriate Workplace Behavior?

By Tigran Ghalumyan

Over the past years, particular attention was given to understanding and explaining workplace behaviors to make the interaction between employees and employers more effective and constructive. Though it is hard to change one’s personality traits, both managerial staff and employees should do their best in order to establish productive relationships and to succeed at work.


Firstly, work behavior is one of the significant aspects of Human Behavior. It is an individual’s communication towards the rest of the members of the workplace. This encompasses both verbal as well as non-verbal communication processes. Trust, for example, is a non-verbal activity that is also expressed in the workplace through verbal communication. It shows your stance towards your team and peers. A person’s constructive and successful work behavior contributes to higher efficiency, the productivity of the teamwork. It is the most critical field where HR managers can focus on an organizational point of view.

As reported by an IMD study, only one in ten employers knows exactly how to impact an employee’s attitude at the workplace using specific methods and approaches in the long term (Ben-Hur, Avagyan & McTeague, 2018). No wonder, the statistics are like this, as supervisory staff lacks techniques to motivate employees or improve their work behavior.

The Importance of Behavior in the Workplace

Firstly, we will underline the importance of behavior in the workplace. Undoubtedly, the way you act at work impacts many aspects of your job and can impact the health of the business. So, your actions which are out of conduct could have a heavy cost for the organization’s image. Employers give an employee manual to guide team members on acceptable actions and prevent potential issues. In addition, the company’s community and general principles of social etiquette also govern acceptable staff actions. Employees are the face of an organization, and the public shapes a company’s viewpoint based on the actions of employees. If they are unsatisfied with the actions of an employee, clients and consumers may decide to take their company elsewhere. So it will have a considerable effect on the sales of the business (Amo, 2017).

What is Appropriate Workplace Behavior?

So, this question is really multiple. There is appropriate employer behavior and appropriate employee behavior. And it’s not just limited to problem behavior. The conduct you expect from your employees and your employees expect of you contributes to the whole culture of the company. It is also integral to the organization’s own growth.

So, there could be raised a logical question of how to establish an appropriate workplace behavior. For answering this question you should start to follow behavior trends and best practices. So you need to create a diversity policy as well as an anti-bullying or anti-harassment policy.

Parallel you should give important emphasis on employee engagement in order to create a safe and inclusive working environment. Make sure to plan particular strategies in order to encourage and rewarding your employees (Berlinsky-Schine, 2018).


To sum up, one argument should be clear: The role of the person who has a leadership position in a specific company, which can be the boss or the manager, plays a decisive role in the control of situations that result from bad behavior in the workplace. The boss in his own way should show that behaviors that show disrespect and lack of appreciation towards others are not acceptable. Maintaining a state of mutual respect and appreciation within the work environment is everyone’s responsibility, at all hierarchical levels.

Appreciation, mutual respect, and kindness towards colleagues create an appropriate atmosphere for the best possible maximization of the potential of the working group. At the same time, it provides the required mental satisfaction that every employee needs to continue to perform with pleasure.


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